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Public Services and Taxes: A Question of Values

In every country in the world, public policy is rooted in the values of those who hold the power to shape it.

In authoritarian regimes, public policy is about social control. Its purpose is to maintain the political and economic power of a select few at the expense of the vast majority. The result is widespread inequality. Both poverty and wealth reach extreme levels, and many groups are systematically excluded from influencing the decisions that affect them.

Commission on Quality Public Services and Tax Fairness - Schedule of Hearings

Led by PSFC Chair Judy Wasylycia-Leis, the Commission will visit 12 Ontario communities in early 2012. The Commission wants to hear from frontline workers, public service users, community groups, and experts on public services and taxation.  Click through to StandUpOntario.org for more details.

Schedule of Hearings and Town Hall Forums

Jan. 5 Kingston


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