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Cartoon depicting Kathleen Wynne as a power outlet

People power could short circuit Premier’s plan to  sell off  Hydro One

PEOPLE POWER COULD DO IT. It could get Kathleen Wynne to pull the plug on her plan to privatize 60% of Hyrdo One.  It has already forced the Ontario premier to admit she failed to see or appreciate the impact the plan was having on the everyday lives of all Ontario.

Wynne told a Liberal party meeting in November 2016: "I take responsibility as leader for not paying close enough attention to some of the daily stresses in Ontarians' lives. Electricity prices are the prime example."


Working behind bars can ruin your health

Man standing in a prison behind bars

DOING TIME IS NOT EASY. Not for the inmates locked behind bars and not for the workers who have to guard them.

High levels of stress have always been accepted as part of the job for corrections officers. What is not acceptable is how often it damages the health of the officers and how often they are left to struggle with it all on their own.


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